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United Kingdom
Thank you very much for the faves and all the support you give me :)

Please don't waste your time asking me to "like" your Facebook page.I won't:)

Current Residence: London
Favourite genre of music: metal
Personal Quote: Poszła po rozum do głowy i jakoś długo nie wraca...
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  • Reading: "The Truth" by sir Terry Pratchett
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Time to fly to Ireland and attend yet another performance staged by the Letterkenny Musical Society! Actually,we didn't plan it at all this year because it was doubtful if we could afford it time and money wise but in the end akseiya got his days off confirmed so I also took last Friday off and at some non-existent for normal people hour like 4 o'clock on the night from Thursday to Friday we set off to Stansted Airport where we took a plane to Derry in Northern Ireland.

The flight was a bit bumpy but pleasant and if you ever plan to visit Ulster and don't have a convenient flight to Belfast,fly to Derry,the airport has a really great approach which looks as if you were about to land on water.Obviously,there was a mass of clouds over the city but with some patches of clear sky and the light was most wonderful,golden and fresh.We shared a taxi with some other people to get to the city and the bus station.Once there,we decided that since the weather was rather fine,we could go to the Peace Bridge which is quite interesting, and shoot a few pictures.As soon as we got there,black clouds began to gather in a hurry.A violent hailstorm ensued.Fortunately we made our way back to the bus station just before this happened.5 minutes later the sky was clear again.

Actually,our itinerary was more than crazy because,after we had our flight to Derry booked,it occurred to me that we could actually visit Belfast too and so we did.The weather was great and even though I didn't have any sleep since Thursday morning,I didn't sleep on the bus but was shooting photos through the window in hope I could get some of them sharp enough to upload here and show you how wonderful it was:D
In Belfast it was rather windy and cold so we went shopping because we didn't have enough warm clothes with us.Meanwhile,something weird happened to my boots' insoles (just as it did last year!) and it made walking almost impossible so I threw them away and put on my ballet pumps which I meant to wear for the evening show:D They weren't actually too warm but comfortable:D In Belfast,we drank litres of coffee to keep us going,met akseiya ' s friends from his previous job and then went to the Victoria Park which is currently undergoing refurbishment (hopefully they won't spoil its looks too much) and therefore had a rather sad look.The geese didn't fail us and even though the were a bit shy at first,they finally got some courage and we gathered a nice flock of them around us:D

In the evening we caught a bus back to Derry.By that time the shit got serious because the weather was freezing.Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long for the bus to Letterkenny.Once there,we proceeded to the An Grianán Theatre when,after rapping on one of the dressing room's windows,we were finally recognized and admitted to the backstage where we could warm up and wait for the end of the show to meet our friend Peter who was kind enough to agree to accomodate us again and didn't buy an electric chair to strap us to it in case we tried (unwittingly) to burn his house again.Meanwhile,we got a warm welcome from the rest of the cast and even an LMS outsider and a totally socially awkward person like me could feel there at home.akseiya traditionally took some photos in the dressing rooms and backstage and after the end of the show (and a pint or two) we went home with Peter.

Next day we woke up rather late,spent a nice afternoon with Peter and then went to the theatre.The show...well,the show was absolutely amazing,as is the tradition of the LMS.They are great people and absolutely fabulous actors and each of their shows is a masterpiece.This year,they were staging "Guys and dolls"… and even if I thought that the plot itself lacked a twist that would make it more interesting,the acting was absolutely,flawlessly perfect,funny,touching,just great!As always,we had a good laugh and a moment of reflection.What I like about the LMS shows is that while you focus at the main scene,you constantly need to pay attention to the sides as there are delicious little funny things going on which makes their performances unique.

All in all,it was a good laugh and after the show there was a party with the cast,again a wonderful experience.We went home with Peter at about 4 am and at ten in the morning we were on our way to Derry and then to Belfast International Airport where we took a flight to London.London welcomed us with a most wonderful Spring weather and 18 degrees Celsius.I think I like it when the two islands compete with each other to show us where it is better worth to live:D

I didn't actually take too many photos because I had no time and occasion for that,but I don't really regret it,I have pictures of what I wanted and I really enjoyed this wonderful little trip:)

On a totally not related note,we found out that new WoW expansion,the Warlords of Draenor,will bring woe and destruction to my favourite and second-favourite class mechanics so maybe it's time to look for some new pastime.Bastards.

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