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I guess that after a long period of slacking it's time to update my journal again (does anyone even read it?:D). I promised to write about our trip to Asia in detail but... there are photos in my gallery and also it would be best if you just go and see for yourselves.

Briefly, in July last year we visited Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands, Penang and Malacca), then Cambodia (Siem Reap), then Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan). It was a magical trip to an enchanted land quite different from what we see every day. I even started suspecting that all these stories about "finding yourself and what's important in life" might be true, although personally I don't feel much of an enlightenment happening. :D We felt so strange after returning to the Western world though, and especially to London which is a completely separate story. In short, in Asia you stop giving a damn about lots of things and then you are back to the world where people argue fervently about the colour of a Starbucks cup and suited gentlemen desperately manifest their rebel spirit by putting on and proudly showing off non-matching socks.

Main highlights about our journey to Asia were (except for visiting places and feeling the magic): finding in Georgetown, Penang a cafe called Harrow-on-the-Hill (London tube sign) which is quite hilarious because we live near the actual station in London; and also my boyfriend losing his debit card in Cambodia. Luckily we were advised to take a lot of money in notes so all we needed to do is to call the bank to cancel the card but still it added to the thrill of adventure, especially on our last day in Bagan when we almost didn't have money for a cab to the airport. Still, totally worth it. :D

Now about the flights: I have nothing bad to say about flights London - Kuala Lumpur and back,they were long but about as smooth as can be. On the return journey our plane was delayed and so we missed our connection in Doha (State of Qatar) but the airline staff were fully professional about it so nothing to worry about. Whereas flying in Asia... is a whole different story. And we were flying quite a lot (I don't remember how many flights total, but definitely too many for me). I actually enjoyed more flying with small local airlines (like in Myanmar, you're scheduled for, for example,  Air Mandalay with their hand - written tickets<3, but on the day of your departure it's another airline that serves this route so you basically seldom take the airline you're scheduled for, also on days when no plane arrives, the airports are basically dead) than with the south - eastern Asian giant. There was quite a thrill when we were flying from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap with a stopover in Bangkok and the captain announced "Please remain in your seats,we'll be landing in 5 minutes" and then we circled over the city for another half an hour without any information being given. The oxygen level in the aircraft was so low I almost passed out. I was never sick on a plane but there I would definitely use the paper bag provided if my stomach wasn't so cramped for fear that we aren't able to land. In the end it turned out that we just awaited our turn to land as the Bangkok airport is quite busy but a bit of information surely wouldn't hurt?

Next thrill of emotion was when we landed in Yangon (Myanmar). Calm and steady captain's voice said "Ladies and gentlemen,please take your seats and fasten seat belts because we'll be landing soon". In a minute or two a very urgent captains voice with a hint of panic "Remain in your seats because we're approaching a turbu...". And then the fun started. I landed in Dublin, more than once. Was never easy. Landed in Belfast,more than once - always bumpy. Landed in Warsaw during a snowstorm. I had never ever been scared so shitless for my life. I know that what we feel inside the plane is a bit exaggerated in comparison to how much the plane really moves but it's hard to think about it when your head almost hits the ceiling despite the seat belt, your stomach is in your feet and thick clouds behind the window make you think that there is ground behind them somewhere pretty close. Luckily, we finally landed. Also I don't know if it's something specific for Asian airports or is it a different piloting manner, but every single airport we approached and descended in very sharp turns. Well, all I want to say is that when we finally landed in Heathrow, I almost kissed the ground under my feet:D And I'm scared to board a plane ever since.

That is actually quite interesting because it made us look for alternative routes when we were off to Ireland for our traditional visit a week ago so we went by train to Holyhead and then by ferry which I totally loved (except for the fact that it was over 4 hours late due to bad weather conditions - still, didn't have to take a plane so it's a winner:D). On our way back I didn't realize we're on the same boat with one of my favourite bands... Only found out when we were back home... But it was a very late night cruise so I might be forgiven.

In other news, I had to cancel my WoW subscription probably until Legion because: WoD is quite a shitty xpack after all, my guild suddenly got disbanded just when we were about to start Mythic raiding and when I faced the fact I had to look for another one, socialize again then probably run a couple of Heroic runs with them to prove myself, I almost threw up. I tried a couple of other games ever since and to be honest, none of them was just as good but at the moment, I don't want to come back. The only thing I miss are my characters. :D

I think that's it for now (phew!), there will be a couple of changes in my life probably quite soon. At the moment I am quite happy, sitting in the sun shining through my huge balcony windows and listening to the birds. Spring is coming. :)


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